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Celebrities We Worked With

Welcome to Indulge Images, where we take you behind the scenes of Hollywood with our Celebrity Photo Ops! Our lens has captured unforgettable moments with A-list actors, bringing you closer to the glamour and charm of the stars. Peek into our gallery for an exclusive peek into the world of celebrities, because at Indulge Images, every snapshot tells a star-studded story!

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cast of ET Henry thomas robert MacNaughton Dee Wallace KC Martel .jpg

Cast of E.T.

• K.C Martel

• Henry Thomas

Dee Wallace

Robert MacNaughton

Billy Zane

Billy Zane

Known for:

• Demon Knight

• Titanic

• The Phantom

• Back to the Future

• Tombstone

• Dead Calm

• Zoolander

Felissa Rose3.jpg

Felissa Rosa

Known for:

• Terrifier 2

• The Epidemic

• The Forest Hills

• The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

Steven Williams.jpg

Steven Williams

Known for:

• Jason Goes to Hell

• Route 666

• Missing in Action

• The Stakelander

Emily Sparrow.jpg

Emily Sparrow

Known for:

• Star Wars: Mandalorian series

• Darling

• Chair Gang

ross marquand.jpg

Ross Marquand

Known for:

• The Walking Dead Series

• Avengers: Infinity War

• Avengers: Endgame

• Doctor Strange in the Multiverse

• Down and Dangerous

• Sheep and Wolves

• Amira and Sam

mark patton.jpg

Mark Patton

Known for:

• A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

• Scream Queen

• Swallowed

• Family Possessions

• Never Sleep Again

• Amityville: Evil Never Dies

Nicky Brendon.jpg

Nicky Brendon

Known for:

•  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

• Coherence

• Demon Island

• A Golden Christmas

• Once More, With Feelings

• Big Gay Love

• Nyanya

Michael Biehn.jpg

Michael Biehn

Known for:

• The Terminator 1, 2

• Aliens

• Tombstone

• The Abyss

• Alien 5

• The Rock

• Navy Seals

• The Divide

Ken Foree.jpg

Ken Foree

Known for:

• Dawn of the Dead

• From Beyond

• Zone of the Dead

• Leatherface

• The Devils Rejects

• The Dentist

• The Lords of Salem

DJ Qualls.jpg

DJ Qualls

Known for:

• Supernatural

• The New Guy

• Road Trip

• The Core

• Hustle & Flow

• Road Trip: Beer Pong

• Delta Farce

• All About Steve

Dave Sheridan -Doofy.jpg

Dave Sheridan

Known for:

• Scary Movie

• The Walking Deceased

• A Haunted House 2

• Frank McKlusky, C.I.

• Little Man

• The Special

• Victor Crowley

Dante Basco.jpg

Dave Basco

Known for:

• Hook

• The Debut

• The Fabulous Filipino Brothers

• Blood and Bone

• But I'm a Cheerleader

• Take the Lead

Clint Howard and wife.jpg

Clint Howard

Known for:

• Icecream Man

• Evilspeak

• The Old Way

• Gentle Giant

• How the Grinch Stole Christmas

• Silent Night, Deadly Night

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