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Transforming Moments into Timeless Memories With Our Photobooth Experience

Our photo booth services are here to make your event pop! Capture the fun, share the laughs, and let Indulge Images turn your celebration into a gallery of happy moments. It's not just a click; it's a snapshot of joy that lasts a lifetime!

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Our Photobooth Services

Step into the joy-filled world of Indulge Images and discover our awesome photobooth services! Our friendly booths are here to capture every smile, laughter, and fantastic moment at your event. Just snap, smile, and share the good times effortlessly with our easy-to-use, high-tech setup. Your event isn't just a gathering, it's a collection of memories waiting to happen. 

Beauty Mirror

Reflect your joy with our Beauty Mirror! This isn't your ordinary mirror, it's a selfie sensation. Strike a pose, capture the magic, and let your beauty shine in every shot.

 Beauty Mirror Photobooth
Beauty Mirror Photobooth

The Roamer

Take the party with you with The Roamer! This little wonder on wheels ensures no moment goes uncaptured. It's not a photo booth, it's a roaming celebration waiting to happen!

 The Roamer Photobooth | Indulge Images
 Roamer Photobooth

Mirror Booth

Step into the spotlight with our Mirror Booth! It's not just a photo booth, it's your own personal red carpet moment. Snap, smile, and let the glamour unfold at your fingertips!

 Mirror Booth
 Mirror Booth Photobooth

The Pearl

Dive into sophistication with The Pearl! It's sleek, it's chic, and it's ready to make your event unforgettable. Let's create moments that sparkle like pearls in the sea of memories.

 The Pearl Photobooth
 The Pearl Photobooth

Black Prism

Unleash the mystery with the Black Prism! It's not just a photo booth, it's a portal to a world of creativity. Capture the enigma, embrace the allure, and let the magic of the moment unfold.

 Black Prism Photobooth
 Black Prism

360° Photobooth

Surround yourself with memories using our 360 Photobooth! It's not just about capturing moments, it's about immersing yourself in every angle of the fun. Get ready for a whole new perspective!

360  Photobooth
360  Photobooth

Happy Camper

Spread smiles with our Happy Camper! It's not just a booth, it's a happiness generator. Let the good times roll, capture the joy, and keep the laughter echoing through every photo.

Happy Camper
Happy Camper

Something Blue

Time travel with our Something Blue Camper! It's not just a photo booth, it's a vintage dream come true. Snap away in a world where memories are as timeless as they are charming.

Something Blue
Something Blue

Pin-Up Parlour

Step back in time with the Pin-Up Parlour Camper! It's not just a booth, it's a journey to retro glamour. Pose, pout, and capture the essence of vintage fun. Let's make memories that never go out of style!

Pin-Up Parlour
Pin-Up Parlour

We work with the BEST!

At Indulge Images, we partner with the best to create unforgettable moments. Our team doesn't just capture photos, we craft experiences filled with joy, creativity, and a touch of magic. Join us in making your events extraordinary!

Toyota Financial Services
Federal Aviation Administration
First Horizon Bank
Accents on Asheville
New Belgium Brewery
Carolina Fear Fest
The Main Event
Heartland Financial Group
North Carolina Family of Physicians
Tidewater ComicCon
Old Edwards Inn and Spa
Erie ComicCon

What our Clients says about us

Our party was made super memorable by such an amazing soul! The Photo Booth & picture quality was beyond amazing! I highly recommend her for any event!
Patrice and Indulge Images were at an Asheville Chamber of Commerce event and had a booth for pictures. She was super friendly and fun! The booth had a lot of themed props that could make for some great photos/memories. It was a really fun and seamless experience. Photos were high quality and everyone seemed to be loving the experience. Highly recommend!
We had so much fun! The booth was a perfect fit for our company retreat and Patrice and the team were professional and attentive to all the details. Thank you and we look forward to having Indulge Images again!

Why should you hire us?

We're a husband and wife team. We started our Asheville Event Photographers business after the disappointing, personal experience we had searching for quality photo booth options for our wedding. As event photographers ourselves, we knew exactly what we were looking for - but couldn’t find it anywhere, so we decided to start our own event and photo booth experience photography business that brings joy to everyone we encounter.

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