About Us

Indulge Images is the brainchild of Manuel and Patrice Kennedy-Murillo, a husband and wife team who have shared the same passions for the arts and photography for over 18 years. Aside from running a successful photography company, the couple are figures in the Asheville arts and business community who love their town and helping other small business owners succeed.


Patrice Kennedy-Murillo

Patrice is the creator and mastermind of Indulge Images. She also is a passionate photographer and artist who loves to capture special moments with a unique flair. Patrice runs and teaches mixed media art at the couple's studio, TEXTure  Gallery & Art Bar in Asheville, NC.


Manuel Murillo

Manuel is the ideas man and massive supporter of Indulge Images. He is a photographer and artist who is also an internationally respected calligraphic artist and teacher.