What type of payment do you except?

We except cash and credit cards, we use a card reader for on site projects, we also except payment through Paypal and Square.

How much space do you need for your photo booth?

The more space allotted the better. When we have the space, we like to spread out, the luxury being ideally 18x20 ft will accommodate the backdrop and lights we use. At many conventions and events though, we have to compact ourselves to a 10x10, we can make that happen too.  If we are doing printing on site, then we require table space and additional power source.

How many team members will you bring to my event?

That really depends upon the event and what you have us doing. For smaller event coverage there are usually 2 team members. For larger event coverage, we are able to bring up to 5 additional team members, if needed. If we are setting up a single photo booth with no additional event coverage we usually bring 2 people, 1 photographer and 1 tech op to run computer and printer. Our full team of 6 allows us to run up to 2 photo booths and run event coverage.

What if my event is the same day as something else on your calendar?

Depending upon the event and the time of the event, and what you require from us, anything is possible. We are able to run 3 on site printing teams and photo booth set ups, so yes, if this is something you wanted, we are able to be in multiple places at once.

Why add watermarks?

We put watermarks across the middle of all of our photos that are posted online, when they are purchased, the watermark is removed, of course. We have had many images 'shared' or 'stolen' and used in other places and claimed by other 'photographers', this is our main reason WHY we add a huge watermark in the middle.

  • Establish copyright: This tells others the name of the copyright owner and creator of the image.

  • Branding: This shows others who you are and often where they can find you and more of your work.

  • Protecting: If placed in certain prominent areas of the photo, it makes removal more difficult, though likely not impossible. This can cut down on sharing, but also can make it harder for clients to take a web image get it printed.  Some printers disregard watermark and will print it anyway. Some customers will take the time to remove one if it is not hard to remove.

  • Advertising: Since it’s a fact that photos get shared, and customers will want to post your images to social networking sites and through emails, you might as well get the advertising benefit too.

  • Expose thieves: At least if you add your watermark and branding in a hard to remove location, if a customer prints from the web image, it will be obvious to all.

In the digital world we live in, with social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, images do get shared.  When they are shared, if you watermark your photos with your name and/or web address, you are getting credit and exposure. If you do not want the photo floating around, I suppose you could have a message stating that too.  It cannot stop sharing, but could make it more embarrassing for those who do.

How soon after my session will I get to see my photos?

Within two weeks of your photo session we will set up a viewing meeting either online gallery or in person, to show you your images.  Prior to your meeting, we will put up a sneak peek of several images on our blog to give you a little taste of what is to come!  At our meeting you will be able to view all of the images and from there you will be able to narrow down the photos to your favorites.

How long do you keep my images on file?

We would love to keep all digital files forever-but because of limited hard drive space, Indulge Images can only guarantee the archival and indefinite storage of the images purchase at the time of your meeting or during the two weeks when the image website is online.  Any images that are not purchased during this period of time will NOT be guaranteed to be archived indefinitely.   therefore, it is important to choose your images thoughtfully at your viewing meeting.

Can I have the digital files?

Most of our clients purchase digital copies of their images which are available in a variety of different ways ranging from a single images to the full session. This offers you the flexibility to archive and print your images however you like.  Unlike other photographers, these images are not sized down to limit the reproduction size. You can print these as large as you want, as often as you want.   We often hear of the forgotten files, so we encourage our clients to purchase something tangible with their session rather than just walking away with a disk of images.  That being said, we do NOT sell or give away straight green screen photos without backgrounds in place.

How do referrals work?

The greatest compliment a business like ours can get is to receive a referral from our clients and to make it extra rewarding, we have a referral rewards program! For every client you refer, that books and completes a session with us, you both receive a $25 credit with us!