The PREMIER event photo booth with green screen magic, on-site printing and event photography company in Western NC. We have taken our love and passion to the next level. Not everyone can honestly say they love their job, but we can. One of our most popular items is our on-site printing photo booths. Some of the events we work  include anime and comic cons, specific genre and various other cons, weddings, family reunions, school and street festivals, burlesque and sideshow festivals. Sizes ranging from a few hundred to thousands of attendees. We have worked with musicians, artists and actors of all levels. We treat everyone equally, and as important as your celebrity guests may be, your attendees are just as important and need to feel that way, so when they get in front of our lens we treat them like stars too.



The Lens-Slingers.

This amazing team varies in size depending on the event and coverage needed. Each person on the team is exceptionally skilled at what they do and the talents they possess. From Tech-Ops to Seasoned Professionals, these Lens Slingers will capture every moment, and then some. Photo courtesy  of AMP (Alt Media Pro)

The Lens Slingers

A Snapshot of what we do.

We cater to all sizes and type of events and conventions. But don't count us out for other things too. Have an opening? Or family reunion? Have a birthday or holiday party coming up? What about family photos, or those special boudoirs, and even maternity, yea, we do all of that. We also bring a Photo Booth/Green Screen Magic and offer the highest quality of on-site printing available on the market today. 

Interested in what we do? 

When we aren't on the road.

Our second home

We travel all over the place to events and conventions. Currently we cover events and conventions in NC, SC, NY, PA, MD, VA,TN,GA, LA and FL. We even travel to Canada on occasion. If you think you are too far for us, think again. We love to pack up our gear and the team, on one condition, you point us to the best food place in your town! You are dealing with a bunch of bonafide foodies here!

When we are not on the road, we are usually in our second home, hard at work  both teaching and creating even more art in TEXTURE Gallery &ART BAR, in Asheville, NC.

Where are we now