Why do you need a headshot? 

Just ONE great headshot can get you noticed for an audition, interview or booking

WHO needs a headshot?







When you find your perfect headshot photographer who has a fun and relaxing personality they should make you feel at ease in front of the camera. With your chosen photographer, you should be comfortable enough to bring down your defenses, allowing your true spirit to shine through. The fact is, a great headshot photography session should be fun!

Your professional photographer should give you abundant guidance during your shoot. There should be constructive feedback, help guiding you through poses and adjustments to where you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's our job, as photographers to bring out your best!





Find a photographer who cares about helping you maximize the return on the investment you’re making.  Your photographer should offer a variety of  backgrounds and lighting setups.  This will allow you to come away from your session with a collection of images to choose from. 




Hopefully, your chosen professional photographer will have a policy for a reshoot. On occasion, for whatever reason you aren't happy with the outcome of your initial photoshoot, they will make it right. During the entire process of building your portfolio, should feel like the photographer who have chosen to work with, cares about your delight and gratification. 

End the end, the talent you choose should not just be your photographer, hopefully you will bond, and become friends.