Indulge Images has built up our brand over the years by providing not only the highest quality of photographs, and customer service, but also on our wit and charm. While shooting an event, we capture the unexpected images and the emotion of what is taking place, along with portraits of your event-goers and vendors.Over the years, we having worked with many conventions, like SC ComiCon and VA ComiCon,  Scares-That-Care, Ashevillle Anime Regional Convention (AARC) , Asheviille Comic Expo.(ACE), Geek Out!, AnimeCon, FandomCon, Tidewater Comicon, and SO MANY OTHERS!!!   Indulge Images understands that "Cosplay is not Consent".  Indulge Images invites and entices event-goers to embrace their character and to show their skills as cosplayers. These are the kinds of things that get event-goers excited when they see their photos!  And as you know, having an experienced and talented photographer to showcase hard working cosplayers is a great way to keep those customers coming back year after year.  You will also find us across the states at various Brewery events, Burlesque festivals, Horror and Rock-a-billy events.   We cover the entire East Coast, from Northern NY to Southern Florida and all stops in between.  Our weekends stay pretty booked but this is a good thing, because we have multiple teams that can be sent out to cover your event.  A skilled event photographer can help your convention or event grow and expand into the future.  We also work with many charities, corporations, wedding planners pageants and everyday folks who want a little something extra for a party!   ** We offer two photo booth styles, the first being with a paper or fabric backdrop of your choice, a step and repeat if you choose to purchase one. The second offers a green screen and various backgrounds digitally inserted and we are able to add your logo to each photo printed.**

I love seeing people feel beautiful, excited, emotional and loved, especially when documenting it  from behind the lens. 

Indulge Images is comprised of a husband and wife team, who,  over 18 years, who have shared the same passions for the arts and photography as well as wide spread travel. Aside from their love of photography which is pretty obvious, Manuel is an internationally known and respected calligraphic artist and teacher. Patrice runs and teaches mixed media art at the couples studio, TEXTure  Gallery & Art Bar in Asheville, NC.

Local businesses can also rely on us for quality images to promote their businesses and services. Photography can be the single most important tool used on websites and advertising to show potential clients how professional and dedicated you are to showcasing the quality of your business and products.

Indulge Images was recently featured in the regional small business magazine,  Capital at Play